Raquel Lindemann

hippie songbird. happy soul.

Raquel Lindemann is a modern singer-songwriter with tie-dyed roots. Affectionately known as "hippie Songbird," Her music blends folk-rock sensibilities with blues harmonies and soulful storytelling.  Couple that with a voice described by Scene in Town's Mary Jane Farmer as “rich, full & powerful,” and you can expect to see a performance bursting with light, color and emotion.
Raquel Lindemann singing "Stay Awhile" at Cottonwood Art Festival

Raquel Lindemann singing "Stay Awhile" at Cottonwood Art Festival. #HippieSongbird #HappySoul #CottonwoodArtFest

Posted by Cottonwood Art Festival on Saturday, October 7, 2017

I started out near the great Great Lakes, spread my wings in the Windy City.  I loved the people...they were tough, they were gritty.  I thought I'd found my home.

Then I moved to the Hoosier State...with the cornstalks high & the creeks in the summertime....But my gypsy soul couldn't rest no more...so I headed west to the waving wheat.

I found one of my loves in the Jayhawk Nation, Oh you know I bleed crimson and blue...But I never knew home until I traveled south.  That's where I found you.

I'm a jam band girl with my tie-dyed roots but if you drop that beat I'm gonna get down low...I was a northern girl or so I thought...but then you shined your sun upon me...Texas you've got a hold on me.

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