Raquel Lindemann

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Frank Wayne

Frank Wayne is an artist, photographer and Architect currently Based in New York City & the surrounding areas. His unique artistic point of view is as multifaceted as the city itself.

through his work as an architect, Frank’s contributions can be seen throughout the landscape of New York City. Additionally, his photographs, sketches and watercolors reflect the multidimensional nature of the surrounding world. You can view Frank’s portfolio by following his Instagram or visiting his website: www.frank-wayne.com.

As part of a collaboration with HIppie Songbird Publishing, Frank Wayne has created a series of artistic watercolor paintings. The paintings have been combined with Raquel’s lyrics to create a unique merging of word, Music & art. The series will be released weekly on Raquel’s Facebook & Instagram Pages beginning in late 2018.


Rebecca Doll loves color. Warm colors, cool colors, bright, psychedelic and electric colors.. vivid flowers.. neon jellybeans.. jewel tone balloons.. multi colored crayons.. rich pencils and a rainbow of acrylic paints and gouaches fill her with joy!

Rebecca loves to play. Like the artists of the 60’s using liberty with color on canvas; she toys with garish contrasts that vibrate and seem to dance without moving.. and crowds hues into organic shapes that seem to grow. 

Rebecca loves nature and beauty and seeks that end in everything she does. And like the bees, Rebecca lives her life in joy.

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